offers design and installation services for rural, urban and commercial properties.

Creative Gardens. We'll take you through initial steps, including consultations, sketches and scale drawings and on through the actual construction of all aspects of garden designs. Contact us today for further details.

Initial Consultation, Sketches and Scale Drawings

  • Master plans for entire properties - Composing property elements into a cohesive design, including utilizing principles of Feng Shui and Shakkei

  • Architectural structures sited

  • Integration of architecture and landscape - Extension of interior spaces into garden rooms and vistas

  • Interior garden design

Construction of All Aspects of Garden Designs Including:

  • Organic soil preparation and plantings

  • Fences and garden structures - Gazebos, teahouses, gates, arbors and pergolas

  • Masonry - Patios, walkways and walls

Garden Styles

  • English gardens - Park-like settings, enclosed outdoor rooms, flower gardens and borders and herb gardens

  • Oriental gardens - Japanese Tea-Stroll-Karasansui (dry stream) and Meditation style gardens or Chinese Balinese and Thai Styles

  • Ornamental Grass gardens

  • Children's gardens

  • Water gardens and swimming pools